KEAH Roof Batten Joint

The KEAH roof batten joint is the most efficient tool for installing roof battens.

Our Roof Batten Joint reduces batten wastage as it allows unrestricted placement of joints, even in between rafters. Less sawing means less damage to underfelt and no split ends from nailing.

Using a simple push fit technique this product enables you to lath your roof in a quarter of the usual time. We have also designed the Roof Batten Joints to incorporate tile clips where required.

The KEAH Roof Batten Joints are made from lightweight and robust polypropylene. They are exceptionally durable and have been tested and certified to support in excess of 30 stone (199kg) and are the strongest roof batten joints in the world.

Available in 2 sizes to fit standardised battens and sold in packs of 20.

  • Simple Push Fit System
  • No Cutting or Sawing
  • No Lath Waste
  • No Damage to Underfelt
  • No Split End Laths
  • A Quick and Easy Labour Saver
  • Fast, Efficient and Cost Effective

KEAH Products Roof Batten Joint KEAH Products Roof Batten Joint Usage

How It Works

KEAH Roof Batten Joint Stress Test 1

The KEAH Roof Batten Joint has undergone rigorous testing and is certified by The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing.

KEAH Roof Batten Joint Stress Test 3

During testing, our product outperformed all expectations and in every single case, the wooden battens would fail before the KEAH Roof Batten Joint came close to failing.

KEAH Products Large Roof Batten Joint (Red)

Red KEAH RBJ Large (Sold in pack of 20)

For connecting 2"x1" (50mm x 25mm) battens

KEAH Products Small Roof Batten Joint (Yellow)

Yellow KEAH RBJ Small (Sold in pack of 20)

For connecting 1½"x1" (40mm x 25mm) battens

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