About KEAH Products Limited

KEAH is based in Leeds and our full manufacturing process is undertaken in Yorkshire.

At KEAH we make life easier for tradespeople with products designed to save time, energy & money.

The KEAH Plastic Pipe Chamfer transforms burred pipe edges into chamfered angles in seconds. It is portable, easy to use and, in as little as eight uses, it pays for itself by saving time and labour.

The KEAH Roof Batten Joint enables quick and easy roof batten installation thanks to its innovative design, durability and strength.

Please watch our videos to see a demonstration of the products we offer - not only how easy they are to use but also how quickly you can achieve the desired professional finish.

With high-profile instore promotion and eye-catching point of sale material, these products are quickly becoming a valuable asset to the pipework and roofing industries.

What our customers say…

I have used the 4" chamfer every working day for the last 3 months & it chamfers as well as the first time - great product!

T Kirkham MD — Flexiroof Ltd

A really useful tool. It has saved my team many man hours in labour.

Aidrian Proctor — Drain Doctors

I constantly use both the chamfers & have recommended this tool to many of my colleagues.

Tim Burton — Plumbing Solutions

Wow! I wish I'd had one of these years ago.

P Graham — Universal Builders